Penetration Test

Penetration Test

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Here is a pic of 3 bullets. Each were shot thru 5 – 1 1/2″ pieces of spruce pine slabs stacked next to each other at 50 yards.

Bullet on left — 240 grain Horn. Went thru all the boards and was found laying on the ground. Wt = 211.7 grs, retained 88.7%

Middle — 250 gr factory. Went thru all the boards and was dug out of 6 inches of loose soil behind. Wt 238.2 grs, retrained 95.3%

Bullet on Right — 300 gr Remington [resized from .458?]. When thru 4 boards and was dug out of the last board. Wt 293.5 grs, retained 97.8%

I was really impressed with the factory round.

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Good work, Great work, Wonderful work, but 97.8% bullet retention on a resized .458″ bullet to .452″? They are supposed to shed their jackets and obtain no performance what-so-ever and be downright dangerous, when you resize them that far, or that’s what the arm chair experts will tell you, as found on some of the other boards…wink. Problem is, they don’t have your cahones or are jealous or are just mad that they may have spent too much for an inferior product, well too bad for them, the guys on this board are interested in excellence, not hype.

The reality is, you have done for all who read this a great service and single handily shown just how versatile the 450 Bushmaster really is, can a 458 AR shoot 451 bullets? But a 451 AR can shoot 458 bullets and do them well, really well, wouldn’t you say? Now, we’ve only to show what the upper velocity limits really are. Keep going guys; we await your reports with baited breath, be careful and good shooting…t

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A Guide to OAL, Part 2

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Keep the OAL’s as long as possible. The magazine will handle 2.260”, so with room for dirt and such, make the max OAL 2.250”, which will easily be achieved with the longer bullets, like with the pointed Barnes 275gr. and many others. Keeping the OAL at max length will lower pressures allowing you to increase powder volume, just don’t get crazy. The loads I’ve seen here for the 275’s are somewhat light, you should be able to up the speeds “at least” 200fps plus quite easily, try AA1680 to do so, which will also lower pressures, compared to H110/WW296 ( which work well for the lighter bullets-btw, the data for these two powders are interchangeable).

If you want to recover real world expanded bullets, use one gallon milk jugs, filled with water. I get mine from a milk bottler, for something in the $.015 area, in bags of 50. Attach three 2X6’s in a “U” fashion and line the jugs up. The 1911 with 45acp Federal Hydro-Shock expands as advertised and eats up four jugs. A 230gr hollow point (450b @2800fps) barely does one jug and explodes into thousands of little pieces, good for home defense. All bullets and pieces are very recoverable and comparable to whatever standard you want to use, let’s say you want to compare your load to a 45-70 or 338mag or whatever, go ahead, shoot them into the jugs, you will be totally surprised at the results.

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