Recoil Reduction A2 Stock

Recoil Reduction A2 Stock

If you have 7/8″ shotgun recoil reducers you can use two of them inside a custom made A2 stock. Should make a big dent in the recoil…if recoil bothers you:

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Load Data: Lower Recoil Loads

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Greetings to y’all from Georgia.I have been following this on going process with great interest.
I bought a 450 bushy 20″ rifle in early spring,and 3 boxes of factory ammo.27.00 a box is pricey,but ya gotta get the brass somehow.Like you,I found out that info,dies,etc would be a while coming,so I just waited,something I am Not known for.I almost sold this gun twice,but kept it.
I have been shooting a .50 beowulf for several years,reloading for it with excellent results,having good data is the thing.
About the same time you started using the Lil Gun,an old friend and I were talking about using it,with a near identical loading as you found.I figured if the .50 with a 335g bullet liked 37.5 of lil,then a good place to start might be 35 of the same in250g,450bushy.
I got the dies and some 250g and 300 g hornady .452 xtps from Midway,and loaded up a few at 35g.This shot well at 50 yds,very close in recoil to factory.But I wanted something to shoot that was less punishing.I loaded some cases to 30g of lil,w 250g bullets,and they hit target dead on,with excellent cycling of the action,and Way more fun to shoot.
I am going to try some other powders and see how they perform.I am glad I didn’t sell this cannon,it is fun to shoot.
I hope this is of some help,thanks for allowing me to ride along.
Best regards,Red

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