Load Data: 240gr. XTP and AA1680

Load Data: 240gr. XTP and AA1680

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O.K, first things first. please pay respect for all the cases and projectiles that were sacrificed to bring you this data

Lets get down to the nitty gritty………

Round info:
taper crimp diameter at the case mouth was .472
AA1680 powder
240g XTP mag bullets
Hornady case with small rifle primer
CCI 450 small rifle mag primers
OAL 2.130″ (case mouth just below the cannelure)

45g = 2202 fps. NO pressure signs
46g = 2287 fps. NO pressure signs (case is sealing well at this point)
47g = 2367 fps. NO pressure signs
48g = 2404 fps. ABSOLUTLY NO PRESSURE SIGNS (accuracy is 1MOA)
NO feeding or extracting problems at all!!!

After returning home i drilled out the primer pocket, seated a 240 XTP to an overall length of 2.130. I then filled the case (AA1680)to the bottom of the primer hole which held 50g of powder, this would be an uncompressed load.

Now, when i used my bullet puller (hammer type) to remove the bullet it broke lose from the case very easily, i then sized the case once again and seated the bullet so the case mouth was over the cannelure (2.080″ OAL) and then taper crimped the case, i then proceeded to pull the bullet with the hammer this time it took 4 good hits from the hammer to dislodge the bullet rather than one hit.
I then reseated the bullet and measured the case capacity which was 48.5g of AA1680 with a 2.080″ OAL.

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Load Data: 405gr. Resized .458 Bullets + Lil’Gun

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I just got back from the range and loaded up 8 (all the primers I had left) 405 gr loads. Using Lil’Gun, I started at 25.5 grs and in 1/2 increments went to 29 grs. I shot these at 100 yards. I borrowed a Chrono and here are the velocities that I got:

25.5 grs — 1387 fps
26.0 grs — 1435 fps
26.5 grs — 1498 fps
27.0 grs — 1499 fps (All three went into a 1 1/3 inch group)
27.5 grs — 1508 fps
28.5 grs — 1543 fps
29.0 grs — 1545 fps

I had no pressure signs. Primers looked OK. Sorry no Pics. This is 200 fps over the factory velocity for a Rem 405 in a 45-70. This bullet is not designed for high speed. I have shot them before in hot 45-70 loads and did have jacket separtation. Same thing happened with these. The bullet would mushroom and then split the jacket and the core would separate. Maybe a Speer 400 would work better.

I also chrono’d the 300 gr remington with 30.5 grs of Lil’gun and got 1857 fps. No jacket separation.

By the way — I also Chrono’d 240 gr hornady’s over 40.3 grs of H110 and got 200 fps variation in velocity. High was 2300 and low was 2100. Just like one of the previous posts said.

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Your right about these bullets not being designed for the speeds you are at right now, to say nothing about the speeds yet to be achieved. I shoot some of these bullets out of a 458 win mag and sure enough, jacket separation is an issue. Bullet construction is always an issue. You must match the right bullet for your particular mission profile.

You might try these – http://www.castperformance.com/Categ…t=17&total=105 , (go one page up and down to see the entire line)

There are 14 bullets to choose from, 265gr-460gr, with 265gr-335gr .452” bullets. They are designed not to lead the bore at 3000fps and all are LBT flat points and the big deal is, they WILL NOT foul the Gas Tube. I wouldn’t recommend seating the middle of the bullet crimp grove to the case mouth, but seating the bullet out or short of the crimp grove (depending on your loading specifics) will do just fine. You won’t get jacket separation with these and the flat points will flatten anything you care to kill…anything/everything, period. They are shorter than the same weight copper jacket bullet (more powder) and competitively priced. The 265’s are reportedly at 2600+ fps and have killed numerous moose and two Bison that I know of, with efficient and very effective dispatch, with little (measured in mere feet) or no tracking at all. One gentleman is a shooter for the BLM and killed a bunch of cattle for them, one animal estimated at 2500lbs and reports absolutely in creditable results. Deer just don’t have a chance (Ok, a strange thing here, the non-expanding 45 cal bullets destroy way less meat than any 30 cal I ever used). Expansion is not necessary, as the Flat-Points disrupt much more tissue than an expanded bullet ever hopes too achieve and will penetrate where an expansion bullet can not venture. If you want cheap and these kinds of results, then go to 230gr ball bullets or better yet 230gr fmj flat points (I love the Hornady FMJ-FPs), and if you load SAFELY, some of you gentilmen will see 2800+fps with these. Don’t be concerned that the ball bullets will not expand, 45 cal is already a bigger diameter than a 30 cal gets after it expands, and will penetrate elephants, yes two…t

Load Data: Another Hornady XTP/Mag Load

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I used the Hornady 240 gr XTP/Mag, 38.5 grs of H110. I had the bullets seated 2 ways, one at the crimp grove and the other seated out a little further. I was only shooting at 60 yards. The factory ammo will put all the shots into one ragged hole. The reloads where a disappointment compared to the factory loads — 1 1/2 inch groups. I did have some sporadic flyers and vertical stringing which would lead me to think I am not getting good ignition. I am using [WW] Small Rifle Primers. Next time I will switch the Winchester brand and see how they work — may be better with the ball powder. Also, I know that a longer ranger is needed, but I was up in the north woods in MN.

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Load Data: Another H110 Experience

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I had a chance to test some loads today. All were loaded with Hornady XTP/MAG 240 HP.

Mostly I shot 36.5 grs of H110 with an AOL of 2.1 and 2.15″. The 2.1″ cronied at around 2150fps with the 2.15AOL running 50fps less. Both grouped around 1.5 to 2″ @ 100yds.

Next I wanted to try some heavier loads. I started at 38.5 grs H110 and stepped up .5 grs a round till I was at 48 grs. All at 2.15 AOL

The fps stared at 2150. I didn’t see much flattening of the primers until around 43.5 grs. the velocity was 2475 fps at that point. I fired 3 more and then decided to quit at 45 grs and 2550 fps. The primer was getting pretty flat but there was no sign of a crater.

The recoil at this point was substantial but the bullets were making a nice straight line, one above the next, over the x.

What’s your opinion of the picture, is this a flattened primer, a slightly flattened primer or a dangerously flatten primer?

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Load Data: H110 and 240gr. XTP/MAGs

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Went to the range today, 36.5 h110, 240 XTP/MAG, 2.1 OAL.

I didn’t crony them, but I got a ragged hole with a four shot group at 100 yrds using bla’s recipe. The factory rounds gave me a 1.5″ group about 1.5″ to the right of the hand loads.

Now, I can understand different loads giving you different altitudes, but different loads being off left to right? What makes one load go left or right more than another?