Magnum Primers

Magnum Primers

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Yes, and the mag primers ignite 1680 much better, for all loads, Mag Primers are the only ones I’ll use, of course, if bench rest competition is the goal then maybe something else would be better. I want ignition at 90 below zero is my motto, as I sit here in Michigan watching a winter storm all day long, hunting in near white-outs, as we did today, tends to put a different prospective on things, but I digress. As 269/H110 (yep their data is interchangeable) is a little slower than lil gun, the speeds should run higher. AA1680 and fed-215 mag primers, which are hotter than any other mag primer, was the power of choice in the 45 Professional. Although we do have some limitations here, as the pro was .071 longer it has more case capacity and the 450b can’t take a large rifle primer. So, use sr mag primers and have a go at it. I’m sure that lil gun is just a bit fast, but if you’ve got a ton of it, then better to us it at some time or other. You’ve got a ways to go yet, because that two hundred grainer should start to approach 3000fps + or – some, in my mind, just watch the pressure signs.

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Crimping Effect on Velocity

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I reconfigured the crimp so that it only crimped into the cannelure. This is a 200gr Barnes bullet that has been crimped and pulled. 2 strong whacks with the puller to get it out. All rounds feed flawlessly.

I’ll post the actual numbers from my last range visit later, but here’s the short version.

The crimp increased the velocity by about 100fps and improved the accuracy, these 200gr bullets were giving me ragged holes at 100yds.

The 275gr bullets with 42.8grs of Lil’Gun also improved. Running around 2070fps and 1.5″ groups.

The spread I loaded with AA1680 was a major surprise with the velocities running a little over 1600fps to 1800fps, the last 3 loaded to 100% case capacity.

No signs of pressure on any of the loads.

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200gr Barnes 42.8grs Lil’ gun no secondary crimp 2414fps, light crimp 2475fps, heavy crimp 2564fps.

275gr Barnes 34,5grs Lil’ gun no secondary crimp 2050fps, light crimp 2093fps, heavy crimp 2128 fps.

275gr Barnes 39.2grs AA1680 heavy crimp 1708fps.

40.1grs AA1680 heavy crimp 1749fps

41.2grs AA1680 heavy crimp 1811fps (100% case capacity)

Load Data: 240gr. XTP and AA1680

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O.K, first things first. please pay respect for all the cases and projectiles that were sacrificed to bring you this data

Lets get down to the nitty gritty………

Round info:
taper crimp diameter at the case mouth was .472
AA1680 powder
240g XTP mag bullets
Hornady case with small rifle primer
CCI 450 small rifle mag primers
OAL 2.130″ (case mouth just below the cannelure)

45g = 2202 fps. NO pressure signs
46g = 2287 fps. NO pressure signs (case is sealing well at this point)
47g = 2367 fps. NO pressure signs
48g = 2404 fps. ABSOLUTLY NO PRESSURE SIGNS (accuracy is 1MOA)
NO feeding or extracting problems at all!!!

After returning home i drilled out the primer pocket, seated a 240 XTP to an overall length of 2.130. I then filled the case (AA1680)to the bottom of the primer hole which held 50g of powder, this would be an uncompressed load.

Now, when i used my bullet puller (hammer type) to remove the bullet it broke lose from the case very easily, i then sized the case once again and seated the bullet so the case mouth was over the cannelure (2.080″ OAL) and then taper crimped the case, i then proceeded to pull the bullet with the hammer this time it took 4 good hits from the hammer to dislodge the bullet rather than one hit.
I then reseated the bullet and measured the case capacity which was 48.5g of AA1680 with a 2.080″ OAL.

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Case Gauge Source

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Yep, Dave Manson Reamers (Loon Lake ph 810-953-0732) makes all the gages/reamers etc. and will supply all of the specs on the case and chamber. Dave makes the best and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for those types of services, in this or for any other cartridge.

WHAT 48GR OF 1680! Say it ain’t so ! And this with no real pressure signs, and they said it couldn’t happen…good go ‘ol boy.

Safety First…t

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Load Data: “Heavy” AA1680

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After speaking to the old wise one (Wildcatter), i loaded up some suggested rounds and headed for the range.
First let me tell you all that i’m a competitive F Class shooter and my two shooters are a 6BR and 6.5-284, reloading and checking pressure signs are not a new subject for me.
Listed below are my results so far with the 250 flex tip 450 factory bullet with a 2.260 OAL (.010 short of max OAL).

45g AA1680 = no pressure signs 2440 fps (my chrono took a crap after the first two shots)
46g no pressure signs
47g no pressure signs
48g low to medium low pressure signs (most accurate load so far) abot .75″ between hole centers @100 yards)
Now 48g is a slightly compressed load with this bullet, i CAN NOT fit any more powder in the case because this bullet seats deep into the case about .400″.

P.S. love the 12” flame exiting the muzzle with no flash hider…..

I will keep you posted after the range today which i will be shooting the beast at 300yards.

P.P.S my shoulder hurts today