Montana Gold Load Notes

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Is the bolt holding open on those 43 grainers now? Make sure that you single load with the mag inserted until you get your head around your situation.

I sure do not see any excessive pressure signs at all. I’d, with caution, suggest an increase in powder (h110) watch for excessive pressure signs and you make the call, in relation to safety. I think you’ll end up in the 2500fps+ arena, which is 3500ft/lbs and with a 200yd zero, is 100% hits at 300yds (on a 8″ paper plate), assuming you get the groups down a little. This blows the doors off the other big bore AR’s and you haven’t gotten to AA1680 yet, which will yield 200fps+ more than you are now getting with the same pressures. Note- Someting to consider, in extreme cold weather (zero or lower) the 296 will ignite better.

I plan to call Montana Gold and talk to their engineer and asertain how thick those 250 jackets are, if they are in fact thick enough, these may end up being the new gold standard.

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