Handload Notes for Hot Rounds

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WW296 and H110 are Ball-Powders and their data is interchangeable and not AA1680 (also a ball-powder), which is a much slower powder. As always in matters of reloading you are on your own and anything you read here should be taken with a grain of salt. Your caution is commendable but be very careful with reduced loads. I consider your load with 37grs of 296/110 to be just on the good side of low, you might see speeds in the 2000/2200fps area, but increase the OAL if you can (2.250”). Keep in mind Slash’s 45gr load, according to the picture record he provided for us, had no problem with pressure. 37gr of 1680 is definitely low and possibly dangerous. Watch for sooting down the sides of the case, if you see it the case is not sealing, because pressures are low in the chamber and of course at that moment increased bolt thrust could become a problem. I would definitely start with 45gr of 1680 with your 240gr bullet. Funny thing, RX7 is the next logical slower powder than 1680 and if used in the 450bthe speeds drop off 500fps, you just can’t get enough RX7 in the case. Good luck…t

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