How to Modify a Lee 45-70 Gov’t Factory Crimp Die

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I modified the 45-70 die to get a smaller crimp. Popped the crimp collar out, stuck it in the lathe and trimmed the crimp “bump” back ’till it gave me the crimp I wanted.

The un-modified crimper.

The modified crimper.

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Slash, My Lee 45-70 FCD arrived today. How did you get the collet out of the die to shorten the crimping section?


I chucked the end of the collet that sticks out of the housing up in my lathe so that the housing was smack up against the jaws of the chuck, then I screwed the nut that is on the housing tight against the chuck jaws. Further tightening will force the housing away from the chuck and off of the collet.

If you don’t have a lathe you could use a vise with a couple of chunks of wood to protect the collet end. Or vise grips, a C clamp, somebody with a really string grip, you get the picture.

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I just put the die in my reloading press and punched the collet out with a proper fitted wood dowel. It is just a snap ring that holds it in.

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