Magnum Primers

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Yes, and the mag primers ignite 1680 much better, for all loads, Mag Primers are the only ones I’ll use, of course, if bench rest competition is the goal then maybe something else would be better. I want ignition at 90 below zero is my motto, as I sit here in Michigan watching a winter storm all day long, hunting in near white-outs, as we did today, tends to put a different prospective on things, but I digress. As 269/H110 (yep their data is interchangeable) is a little slower than lil gun, the speeds should run higher. AA1680 and fed-215 mag primers, which are hotter than any other mag primer, was the power of choice in the 45 Professional. Although we do have some limitations here, as the pro was .071 longer it has more case capacity and the 450b can’t take a large rifle primer. So, use sr mag primers and have a go at it. I’m sure that lil gun is just a bit fast, but if you’ve got a ton of it, then better to us it at some time or other. You’ve got a ways to go yet, because that two hundred grainer should start to approach 3000fps + or – some, in my mind, just watch the pressure signs.

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