Lengthening the Gas Tube

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Now you’re getting it. Nice, and detailed pics too! My side crimp ideas needs may need a little tweaking. Beings you have the where for all to machine a “Lee Factory Crimp Die” it looks like the crimping from top to bottom is wide. Take the floating sleeve out and make the crimp narrower, to better enter the crimping groove in the bullet, this will make for even a better crimp, like maybe 5/6 whacks. Looks like the crimp is a little heavy too, but you might better wait and see, I’ve seen worst and they had prefect accuracy. Now this is for, if you really want to tweak, because all things, just might be wonderful the way you’ve go it now and it might be better if you tried it out, then if all goes south, then tweak, but for sure you are on the right track. I’ve used this method for many long years, and this side crimp is used on Cannon shells now. Something else to look for, you guys are starting to get into some real performance and you are going to lite-up the week of heart, hand ringers, and scare the Pigs, Deer, and Moose to death. The intermediate gas block, with the carbine length gas tube, will eventually need to be by-passed and a rifle length gas tube (10/15 $bucks) installed, to the front sight gas block. Of course a Pig tail Gas tube (way easier but 70/80 $bucks) could be used in the original gas block. You’ll know if when shooting single shots, with the magazine in the weapon (which you should have already been doing) and the bolt wont any longer stay open after the shot. That will be, because the case is still sealed into the chamber and the bolt is trying to open, you also may see extractor marks in the case extractor grove. Before when you guys were doing the single loading with the magazine in, you where short stroking, because of not enough pressure. Soon you’ll see the bolt not opening, not because of too much pressure, but because of to Soon, the pressure, hence needing the longer gas tube. Not to worry though, we’ve got good and cheap, easy to do fixes for that. It’ll be like wanting to install a blower on your already super fast Vette, she’ll go much faster now!! But as always, watch for excessive pressures, all the way through this process. That 275 Barnes is going to be a real Barn(s) Burner..

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