“Sooting” as Evidence of Pressure; Load Data H110

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I shot my first rounds of reloaded 450BM today. I started at 36.5gr of h110 and went to 40.6gr h110. The over all was 2.06 with hornady 240gr .452 xtp/mag. I had heavy sooting of the cartridge until I reached 40gr, but the only one that had no sooting was the highest load of 40.6gr. The last 4 that I shot had the same point of impact as the factory rounds, 40gr, 40.2gr, 40.4gr, and 40.6gr. The last 4 were also 1.1min of angle.
All of my shots were at 100 yds.

I could not be happier. My next batch will be 40.6gr.

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For the most part what Randall is saying is true, buuttt, let me start by saying that the sooting (as described here in these posts ) is a very well recognized symptom of the 450b case not sealing in the chamber, because of low pressures, especially in the AR. Also, pressure signs with this cartridge, using the AR platform, are actually indeed very good indicators for deciding when to stop, one just cannot automatically discount Bernoulli’s Theorem and conventional wisdom does not necessarily apply, it does, but at much different pressure levels, that one might see with say, a necked cartridge. I repeat, I have never, nor has the vast amount of users of the 45 Pro, ever broken a bolt, using this cartridge/AR combo and this with primers and other indicators, that would scare anyone to death, but don’t ever load to this extent, ever, got it? If kinetic energy performance is the goal then back off the powder when standard signs start to show up.

BTW, on another note, how about that report about using resized 458 bullets in the 450b. What does that do for the Nay-Sayers who, out of ignorance, say that there are not enough bullets in the 451 dia. (golly, there are 451 bullets for every mission anyone can think of and they will penitrate or not, depending on your mission/choise, anything you want), compared to the 458 barrels, that can only use the limited 458 dia rifle bullets? We not only can use every and all Standard 45 cal bullets, regardless of dia, but we can use them with perfect safety and accuracy, and this is the big one, without changing the Terminal Effects of those Big 458 bullets one little bit, nada! One might expect jacket separation, followed by poor tissue penetration, but they’d be wrong. Question, what do you guys think the results will be, if one were to load 451 bullets into a case and barrel designed for a 458 dia? Humph, so much for the specious, crazy arguments, seen on some of the other boards. Now go teach them guys how you made a better dicision, with way more numerous options.

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Just an update I called Hornady and talked to Mitch.
Nice guy and very helpful.
Confirmed all of my info and answered lots of questions.
He said H110 is the best powder and it is very close to the powder that they use in the factory ammo.
He also said that the 450bm should be loaded close to max published loads, because it seals the case to the chamber for better accuracy and smaller spread in fps.

I asked him about the 275gr Barnes and he said that the 300gr load data is the best to use. I kinda squeezed it out of him but he said i can load between the 250gr and the 300gr data but I must work it up and use a chronograph wile doing it.

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