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.50 Beowulf Used by Alleged Criminal?

This report in Fox News suggests that the alleged criminal was armed with a .50 Beowulf rifle. Interesting. First time we’ve seen a big bore in the hands of an alleged criminal.

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450 Bushmaster is on Top

The industry consensus is the 450 Bushmaster is a success and the only big bore AR15 round that is worth supporting. How do we know this? SHOT Show 2010.

Remington unveiled not only its 18″ 450bm upper, (nicely splitting the Bushmaster offerings) but also a brand new 450bm round: the 260gr. Accutip.

Pics are from

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450BM Tie Tack or Hat Pin


A creative artist has listed a 450 Bushmaster tie tack or hat pin. It has a very low price of only $5.50. They also offer other calibers.  This auction strongly suggests that the 450 Bushmaster has become a mainstream cartridge, as we note he does not make a 50 Beowulf or 458 SOCOM pin.

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