.450 Bushmaster Reloading Data

Disclaimer: These loads were collected off the Internet and never tested by anyone at 450bm.com. We don’t know if they will work or if they were posted on the Internet by a psycho to blow up your gun and kill you.


Lil’ Gun

185 SWCFMJ (tested in boltgun, not BM450b) OAL 2.040

200gr Encapsulated SWC

200gr Barnes, OAL 2.24

200gr Barnes, OAL 2.24

200gr. Barnes 2.25 OAL

230FMJ, OAL 2.100

230 gr. Zero Brand FMJ OAL 2.100

240gr. XTP/MAG (Data from Hornady)

250gr. FTX OAL 2.230

250gr. FTX OAL 2.225 (Data from Hornady)

250gr Montana Gold OAL unknown

275gr Barnes Likely 2.20 OAL

300gr. XTP/MAG OAL 2.065

300gr .458 resized to .452 OAL unknown

300gr .458 resized to .452, 320gr actual weight 50/50 linotype-wheelweight alloy, gas check, OAL 2.15

400gr .458 resized to .452 OAL 2.14

400gr. .458 resized to .452 OAL unknown (probably same as above as these from same poster)


240gr. XTP/MAG, OAL 2.13, CCI 450 primers

250gr Montana Gold OAL 2.125

250gr. FTX OAL 2.26

275gr Barnes


250gr Montana Gold, unknown OAL

240 XTP/MAG OAL 2.060 (Data from Hornady)

250 FTX OAL 2.225

275gr. Barnes X OAL 2.26

275gr. Barnes X OAL 2.225″

300gr. XTP/MAG OAL 2.065

Viht N120

300gr. XTP/MAG OAL 2.065

Author: admin on October 9, 2009